Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lions, and Tigers, and Cake Toppers, Oh My!

This is the one that I have been looking at on amazon for about a year now, and it is so darling. J.D. and I both love it.

The colors are simple and elegant which is the how I want my wedding to be.

The cost of the figure depends on the sale that is on amazon. At it's highest amount it costs $145, but when it is on it's best deal, it costs $99.

BUT there are other potential toppers or even decorative pieces that I am thinking about.


The two figures above are separate, and when they are on sale, they run about $70 a pop. So for you math wizards out there, that would total around $140 give or take a few bucks with tax and shipping.

The figurine above is called, "First Love's Touch." Oh my gosh, how sweet! It is priced most places at $195. I don't think that it is one that I would invest in for the wedding, but I would like to get it someday, maybe as an anniversary gift or something.

This topper is a very, very, very close second to the first one. Obviously, it is Belle and the Beast, in human form, and it is too freaking adorable! They look so at peace together. I love the simple, light colors and their serene faces!

Decisions, decisions.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love your blog, I am a disney fanatic and MUST incorporate Beauty and the Beast into my wedding summer 2013. The picture of the 5 seperate cakes on your first page and the Beast on one knee for the cake topper, do you know where I could find that!?
    Love love love your blog so happy I found you!


    1. Hey Morgan thanks for all the nice things you said. If you go onto Amazon.com and type in Lenox Beauty and the Beast a tone of figurines will pop up. Good luck!!!

  2. The last one doesn't have a price. How much? Do you know?